It’s Not Just Me, Right?

It’s Not Just Me, Right?

I wanted to take a break today from my usual posts to pose this question to you: Does this happen to you?? Please. This can’t be happening to just me!

Okay. ::deep breath:: Perhaps I should start at the beginning.

When we bought this house, one of the big selling points was the giant second floor bonus room. There is just so much space and so many possibilities of what to do with it. Of course we knew that a portion of it would make a perfect school space and the rest could be used for toys and our collection of books. (I’ve since added the computer to the space in the hopes of getting some work done while the kids are playing.)

Before moving in, I (with so much help from my dad!) took the time to paint the areas for school so that we would want to be up there.

Then came the process of moving in furniture and getting it set up in a way that made sense and would work for us. While about a third of the space would be for school purposes, the rest of the space would be a ‘toddler-safe’ space where Little Man could roam without my worrying about him getting into things he shouldn’t.

The paint would act as a divider to sort of separate the “school room” and the “play room”.

Ā  Ā 

We added in our shelves and tables and desks and reading pillows and we were all set!

In the beginning, we’re talking March and April…maybe a little bit of May, this is where we primarily spent our day. Seriously, I love how the colors turned out, it’s comfortable up there (and there’s a full bathroom) and we can open the windows to get a nice breeze, it’s just a fun place to hang out!

Then we wrapped up our school year in May and this place became a zoo with the craft desk constantly littered with crafts and remnants from previous crafts (I mean, that is the point right? Right?! OCD me says ‘please no..’ šŸ˜‰ ).

Fast forward to July when we started again. Our first week found us in the school room decorating folders and beginning a new Zoology unit.

This past week, (early September) I got hit with a serious realization. Here, let me show you first and see if you can tell what I noticed.

What do all of these recently taken photos have in common?

Yes! You guessed it! They are all missing the pretty colored purple, yellow, and orange walls! They were NOT taken upstairs in our fancy shmancy school room!! For whatever reason, we have found ourselves “doing school” at the kitchen table with a little bit in the living room for our circle time. It hit me when I walked in my kitchen the other day and found my table looking like this:

My plea is this: Please tell me this happens to you too! You spend lots of thought and time getting your school space set up and then, slowly, it gravitates towards another part of the house!

Part of me is considering getting a small bookshelf for that corner in the kitchen (the one with a chair in it now that is piled with stuff) so that our school stuff that finds its way down has a landing place. The other part of me is screaming “GET ALL OF THIS STUFF UPSTAIRS AND OUT OF MY KITCHEN!!!”. I’m a little worried that the part of me wanting a shelf will win out. šŸ˜‰

Please leave me comments letting me know it’s not just me! šŸ™‚

Have a great day y’all!

2 thoughts on “It’s Not Just Me, Right?

  1. LOL, sorry. I have to laugh. I don’t have my “school” set up yet, but your upstairs is AMAZING and exactly how I have envisioned ours will be(jealous!!). I laugh because, I know in reality..”school” will more than likely end up, all over the house! Best of luck!

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