North Carolina State Project

North Carolina State Project


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Today I wanted to share a project idea with you that we’ve done. We’ve spent some time doing a unit study of the history of North Carolina. I figured our state was as good a place as any to start with when it came to history. {By the way, if you are trying to help your kids learn the States and Capitals, there is a neat song on YouTube that has really helped my girls. Check it out over here!} It helps that both girls are completely captivated by the story of Roanoke and the Lost Colony.

State Research Report Lapbook

For this unit, I found State Research Report Lapbook printables for researching state histories from a teacher over at I did have to pay for it, but I can say it was definitely worth it. The coloring pages and foldable organizers made it more fun for my girls to search for and organize information about our state.

Once the girls had filled everything out and glued each piece into the lapbook, I gave them a project for a way to put it all together and give them a chance to be creative. I asked them to make a North Carolina Quilt wall-hanging.

I have a rather large collection of fabric scraps that I keep in our school room, along with my sewing machine. I had the girls pick out enough fabric pieces that they could make 9 squares that each measured 6 inches x 6 inches.

Directions: Design each square to represent a person, place, or event in our state or in our state’s history; any of the state symbols may be included. Use embroidery thread, fabric paint, acrylic craft paint, glitter, or beads to create the design.

Once the squares were dry, I sewed them together (making sure I had the squares in the right spots).

I didn’t give the girls any more direction than that. They pulled their ideas from the information they had collected for their lapbooks.

Rosie couldn’t decide on just 9 ideas and so she split 3 of her squares into thirds to accommodate the extra things she wanted to include. She wanted to include: (starting at top left corner) places: Wright Brothers Monument, NC Zoo, Biltmore Estate; people: Sequoyah, Queen Elizabeth, and John White; regions: mountains, Piedmont, coastal plain; (middle far left) the tree with ‘croatoan’ carved in it representing the Lost Colony; state tree: pine tree; state gem: emerald; (bottom left corner) Wright Brothers plane; the outline of the state with the capital indicated in its spot; the beach.

Ladybug, using the compass foldable inside of the lapbook, wanted to include what is to our north, south, east, and west and put those in their respectable places in her quilt. She wanted to include: (top left corner) state mammal: grey squirrel; ‘Virginia’ since they are our norther neighbors; state reptile: box turtle; (middle far left) ‘Tennessee’ since they are our western neighbors; state outline with the date of statehood; ‘Atlantic Ocean’ since that is our eastern border; (bottom left corner) various state symbols including the gem, berries, and animals; ‘South Carolina & Georgia’ since they are our southern neighbors; and the state bird: the cardinal.

The girls had a lot of fun with this project and they loved showing them off when family came over. This project can be used for any state and can even be adapted for a larger group. Instead of each child making their own, a larger group could divide up the number of squares so that each person contributes something to the quilt. More squares can also be added, just make sure you have enough to keep the quilt square!

*I realize not everyone has a large stash of fabric to make this project possible. I wanted to include a couple links of pre-cut fabric squares that I found on Amazon that would be great for this project. My favorite part about them, besides being fairly inexpensive, is that they already come measured, cut and ready to craft! (These are two things I don’t find particularly fun but are time consuming.) I’ve included the affiliate links at the bottom of this post, and I’m totally in love with the color choices! Good luck!

Have you done a similar state project? I’d love to hear about! Tell me about or about a different kind of state project!


The Tulip paints are actual fabric paints. The Apple Barrel brand paints are great for a craft project like this. These are my all-time favorite craft paints. I seriously love these things!

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