Morning Basket – Including the Toddler

Morning Basket – Including the Toddler

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While we’re on a little break, I’ve decided to change up our routine a little bit and create a more official morning time. I’ve been listening to some of Pam Barnhill’s podcasts about morning time and morning baskets and I think that this sounds like the best way to go about this time of the day. So this week I’ve been working on compiling a morning basket of our own. I’m really hoping that, by incorporating this into our days, we will have smoother starts to the day and days that flow a little better when we start back next week. I’ve noticed over the last 6 weeks that our days need a better start. This isn’t something I planned for, so it’s gotten me thinking during the break.

“Look at me!”

Today I wanted to focus on a particular part of the basket that engages my toddler. Little Man has high energy and, while sometimes he likes to have some time to himself, he usually wants someone’s attention. This is a new hurdle for us this year and we’re working on striking a good balance so everyone is still in a decent mood by the day’s end. {It’s been difficult, to say the very least, this last six weeks.}

Music is a big thing to my kids and I. We love having music on and singing and, when the mood strikes, dancing. My girls have a radio that is constantly blasting out country music, except at bedtime (all kids have classical music at night). While in our school room, I have the radio playing a Christian radio station softly in the background. Of course, when I’m playing off of my Spotify app, no telling what’s coming out of the speakers. (I make the kids listen to jazz and a lot of 90’s and 00’s music, much to their displeasure. haha)

So when I listened to other moms saying they started their morning times with songs, that sounded perfect. Even for my toddler. He sings softly to himself at times, and at others, he sings back lyrics he hears his sisters sing in the car. My *current* plan is to start off with fun, silly songs that get the kids moving a shaking.

Not being incredibly tech savvy *yet* enough to create my own cute sheets with song lyrics to print out (hey, it has to be cute if anyone is going to pay attention to it), I did a lengthy Pinterest and Google search.  I found and printed out some of the awesome FREE printables from these lovely ladies:

8 Songs to Begin a Preschool Day from
10 Preschool Songs About Color from

10 Preschool Transitions– Songs and Chants to Help Your Day Run Smoothly also from

Preschool Songs for Circle Time (that teach) from
The Wiggle Song (learning body parts for toddlers) from Extremely Good Parenting with
On Top of Spaghetti from

Some of the songs I found from the above sites that I’m going to cycle through:
It’s Time to Start Our Day
Every Week
The Wiggle Song
The Months of the Year
I’m a Little Teapot
Dinosaur, Dinosaur
Rainbow Song
Oh, Rainbow
Five Little Crayons
Good Morning
Days of the Week
Little Wiggle
Wiggle Your Fingers, Stomp Your Feet
Movement Song
On Top of Spaghetti
We’re Putting Our Toys Away!
Tidy Up

My aim for the songs, and in starting with them, are to catch and hold the attention of my almost 27-month-old but also to give him a foundation for remembering the days of the week, the months of the year, etc. (He’s got a lot of colors down, but songs are a fun way to remember things.) It should also be a good segue into learning some Bible songs.

I want my kids to have some fun Bible songs as well as some hymns in their repertoire. So I gathered some of those as well after a few more searches. (Sadly, I don’t know many either. 🙁 ) I think my little guy will pick up some of the kids ones easily and the girls will have fun singing with him and then they can also start learning some hymns.

Jesus Loves Me
He’s Got the Whole World
This Little Light of Mine
We Gather Together
The Old Rugged Cross
The Solid Rock
Standing on the Promises of God
In Christ Alone
It Is Well With My Soul
Amazing Grace
Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty
Rock of Ages
This is My Father’s World

*While this list isn’t as long as the silly, get-your-wiggles-out songs, I think this is a great place to start.

I also found great videos of some of the songs over on YouTube and my kids absolutely LOVE watching them! My toddler is starting to request them, too! Be sure to check out my list of videos!

There it is. The beginnings of my Morning Basket for Morning Time, or Circle Time. [Jury’s still out on what we’re calling this time. ;)] I’ve got all of these songs printed out and placed in a folder in the front of my basket. This is going to be a great way to include Little Man in the beginning of our day without boring him and, consequently, having him pull someone into his room to play. I think that, with all of the songs that have movement, this is going to be a fun way to get our day together off to a fantastic start.

Do you have a morning time in your homeschool? Do you have a basket with all of your supplies on the ready? I’d love to hear about it! Always open to new ideas for making school work with an active toddler! 🙂 


Here are some fun and silly song ideas to help get you going. How fun do these look! 🙂

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