First Day of School Activities

First Day of School Activities


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We started up school again last week! I know, it seems really early. However, we wrapped up our year in the middle of May. We’ve been on vacation for awhile. Plus, it’s really really hot here right now so we won’t be going outside very much right now anyway. [I spent a good portion of my break planning! ;)]

So, our first week is under our belts! After a month and a half off, the week was an adjustment. Thankfully though, I scheduled a light week for us with more fun than work. This is really only our second “first day of school” and we are still finding our first day traditions. For instance, I wanted to make birthday cake pancakes for breakfast, but all of my kids slept in and we didn’t have time before we had to leave the house. Maybe next year! 😉

Now, regardless of homeschool or public school, you can’t start a new year without first day pictures! Last year my girls each decorated a page with the grades they were starting and posed with it for pictures.

This year, they still got dressed up but posed for pictures without the signs.

Next on our list, which I think will make for a fun keepsake, is the First Day Survey. I searched and searched on Pinterest, and then found this Back to School survey on

Back to School Student Survey - FREE

I gave my girls their stacks of new textbooks and workbooks and let them have some time to flip through them. Rosie finally got her hands on her new student planner and excitedly filled it all in.

After searching through Pinterest for first day activities, I realized that I hadn’t really ever asked the girls how they thought they learned best. Guess what! There was a survey for that, too! I found it on the blog Crazy For First Grade and the survey was great! I learned a couple of things about the girls after reading through their answers.

 This year, I made sure to grab a few plain t-shirts when they were on sale 2 tees for $6 at AC Moore. [By the way, did you know that AC Moore honors homeschool teacher id’s? Because they do!! I love it!!] I got each of the girls one, and then got one for myself and one for Little Man. I also grabbed a couple of packs of fabric paint (because that seems to be the only kind of paint I don’t have much of around here) since they were on sale too. And finally! This year we got to decorate “school” shirts as part of our back-to-school week! The girls loved it and loved incorporating their chosen mascot for the year!! We had a blast painting our shirts, even Little Man! I definitely recommend this activity! (Also, I like this because when we are out on field trips and all wearing similar tops, it’ll make spotting my kids a little easier.)

My shirt that has the two mascots the girls chose.

I bought the girls a few plain folders to help them keep track of their work-in-progress papers. Since they like to color and decorate, I figured they could decorate their folders. I found a hanging folder organizer that I plan on using for the girls’ work-in-progress folders.


If you need more ideas for fun activities, I’ve rounded up some ideas from other awesome homeschool blogs!

10 back to school traditions (Back to School Week) at Simple Homeschool

Back to Homeschool Celebration from over at Not Consumed

First Day Of Homeschool Traditions + Free Printables from My Joy-Filled Life



If you are looking for some ideas to kick off your new school year, I hope you found some good ones! I think the biggest thing as we all settle in for another year is to remember to have fun and go easy the first few days. The first day or two may be a little more frustrating than you thought they would be, but it’ll be ok. Just breathe, relax, and take it one day at a time.


Do you have some fun traditions? I’d love to hear about them! Maybe my kids and I could give them a try! Best of luck this new year!


Here are the shirts we used as well as the paints.

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