{Free} Bug & Farm Animal Printable Notebooking Pages

{Free} Bug & Farm Animal Printable Notebooking Pages

Today, I got to start my day by getting my hair done. Sure was nice. I never have had my hair done by someone else first thing in the morning.

My Ladybug gave me 3 different hairstyles throughout the course of the day. 🙂 I did, in fact, wear the final hairstyle when I brought her to gymnastics in the evening. I just wanted to share with you guys this awesomeness. 😉

You guys remember a couple of weeks ago, I was talking about how I spent so much time putting a fun and pretty and practical homeschool space together only to have our days slowly gravitate to the kitchen table? I mean, it really can’t just be me that this is happening to. Anyway! I was noticing that all of our art supplies, magazines for cutting, Little Man’s art supplies, our basket with our current unit study papers and books, were all piling up on a chair in the corner of my dining room. Not to mention the permanent stack of books, notebooks, and and binders at the end of our dinner table.

I finally gave up the fruitless fight to get all of that, and us, back upstairs. I’ve decided to embrace the change…there are other things that I can stress over. [haha] I figured there was enough room to put a short bookshelf in that corner to at least tame the chaos.

Over the weekend, I found my solution. I found somebody on Facebook selling a vertical television stand for only $5!! For $5, I could make this work! After getting it home and cleaning it up, I found it’s perfect!

And now, hopefully, there’s a place for all of our school stuff to land that is NOT my kitchen counter.

Being silly!

After getting my hair did this morning, and taming the chaos on my kitchen table, I put together some notebooking pages I wanted to share with you guys!

Last week, on our usual library run, my girls decided to grab a boat-load of books on topics they picked out. I promise, absolutely no nudging came from me! They went in with clear ideas of the topic they were looking for and found me some time later with almost more books than they could carry.

After taking a nap one afternoon (trying soooo hard to kick a cold) while Little Man was sleeping, I came out to find this:

It was so awesome!! Both girls had surrounded themselves with their books and were writing down information they found! (This is a huge deal to me because before, I would have to fight tooth-and-nail to get anything close to this to happen!)

Anyway, I wanted to find some notebooking pages to help the girls keep track of the fun facts and other information they were finding. And Ladybug was totally on board! I looked and looked and looked. And then I got super frustrated that I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Which brings me to today. I finally said “forget searching, I’m wasting time” and decided to make my own.

They seriously turned out great! Ladybug got a handful of bug sheets and Rosie requested farm animal pages.

I definitely plan on putting more together because, as Rosie keeps reminding me, there are more farm animals (and insects too!) that need pages. 😉

Want to try these out? Sign up below to get your FREE notebooking pages!! In this bundle, I’ve included the five insect pages and the five farm animal pages.

I hope you enjoy these sheets and check back for more! 

Have a great day guys!

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