About Me

About Me

Hi there!  Welcome to Mac ‘n Cheese, Coffee & Grace!

Let me tell you a little bit about me.

I am married to a wonderful and hardworking man for 10 years. I am a mom to 3 beautiful children, who on some days are lucky they’re so cute. (We have good days and bad days. 😉 But I can honestly say I love having my kids home with me each day.) I can’t start my day without a cup, or two or three, of coffee in the quiet of the morning before the house comes to life. I never thought I would choose to homeschool my children, but it’s a journey I was called to and I’m glad I listened. At the end of some days, I draw or paint to relieve stress…and I’m going to be honest, other days I may need a glass of wine and some chocolate. [No one ever said this was an easy journey, but it is most definitely worth it.]

About the Blog

First and foremost, our house runs on three things: boxed macaroni and cheese, coffee, and the Grace of God. Without any one of these things, I promise you our house *will* collapse.

I decided to start blogging again with homeschooling as the focus because I wanted a place to share ideas. We are embarking on our middle school and high school journey here at home and I hope to help others with our trials and errors who are making the same journey.

I’d like to introduce you to the inspiration behind the blog:

First up is Rosie, my oldest at 10 years old. She loves drawing, being in the kitchen, acting, camping, and playing outside.

Next up is Ladybug, who is about to be 8 years old. She loves gymnastics, camping, snuggling, jumping and bouncing around the house, and sharing ice cream.

Last up, is our sweet Little Man. His boyish curls and infectious giggles bring sunshine to all of our days. (His sisters adore him.) He never walks – no, he runs everywhere and is all-go no-stop. He keeps us on our toes. 😉

Curious about why we started homeschooling? Head over here!


Disclaimer Policy

Throughout some blog posts, you will see links leading you to products on Amazon. These are affiliate links. All that means is that if you make a purchase after clicking the link, I get a small percentage for commission. This does NOT increase the amount you pay for the product. I will only provide links to items that I have personally tried and loved – I am never going to try to lead you to buying junk. My goal is to share products that work for me and my family (and hopefully will help you as well!) and try to earn a little income to help offset the costs of homeschooling.